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We make what’s important to you, important to us.

Growing audiences. Creating demand. Engaging with customers. Whatever your needs are, our goal is to ensure our client’s brand gets in touch with people. As an idea-driven, result-oriented and fun-seeking agency, we strategize, we deliver, and we make things happen. With a larger than life passion for creativity, we’re obsessed with numbers. Numbers that generate results, numbers that tell stories of consumer behaviours.

In a nutshell, we’re all about delivering measurable results by nailing the right insights.

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Social media marketing

A question that guides us at JT Apps to help our clients meet their business goals. When finding solutions, or rather solving our client’s problems, we always get down to the nitty-gritty details.

In this social media age, marketing is no longer a one-way traffic. Engaging with consumers means brands need to listen to them. Connect with them. Talk to them on a personal level. We take a holistic approach which encapsulates the A-Z of transforming consumer behavior with the user-oriented model.

Social Media Marketing

Covering: Content Marketing & Social Promotion

In social media marketing, not only you can promote your business and products to the masses and now you can also engage them in a community by sharing their comments with others. The word-by-mouth information, recommendation and commentary based on personal experiences and encounters are often believed to be more reliable and valuable.

Our services in various social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc

online advertising

Media Article Distribution

BrandsAmplifier is a Media Article Distribution platform over 5000+ major news site over the world. Your press release will reach the most important of endpoints: The news information systems. Places like Google News, Yahoo! News to ABC, FOX, CBS and LexisNexis are information systems journalists subscribe to break news, pickup content and make references. Some find their release referenced again and again even after some time. Make your release do it’s job and gain extended online visibility with BrandsAmplifier distribution.

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Interactive Website Development

We build the website to suit your brand and style with capable to accessible across all devices and screens. Clients are increasingly becoming device agnostic and are looking for the same look and feel, no matter where they access your website from. Our specialists create websites and apps that are not only beautiful and still being functional and effective to meet your needs

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a smart, cost-effective and highly rewarding marketing solution for big and small companies to improve and enhance their profile, drive the web traffic and most importantly, generate new channels for online and offline sales. Our SEM is one of the best value-for-money tool available as it is easily measured and adjusted to meet your ROI goals compared to other conventional media avenues, including print ads, TV commercials, billboard advertising and etc.

Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

Directly Deliver Your Ads to Target Market Then GO Viral!

Whatsapp Marketing has been widely adopted by many industries. We provide platform to enable you to communicate instantly with thousand of individuals via Whatsapp. Capable of handling thousand of messages in lightning speed with Reliable Intelligent system ensuring the messages will reach to the end of recipient. We also do provide detailed performance report for better statistics of marketing reach than traditional media.

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Meet! Our latest invention

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Your Digital Marketing Arm


Vvin is not a traditional media. Vvin is an integrated All-in-one business platform that allows companies to increase sales, engage with their followers, make your business go online and emphasize on company branding.

Pillar one: Basic Setup

You will never have a successful marketing campaign without the use of Vvin suite of Apps. We have designed the best Vvin Apps to fuel your marketing through the roof. The result will be unstoppable.

Pillar two: Marketing Interaction

There has never been an easier way to interact with your brand followers at such a personal level… until today. It’s time to have personal interaction, and give dedication attention, yet at a massive scale.

Pillar three: Growth Hacking

Growing a business need not be linear. We are after EXPONENTIAL growth. Vvin is designed to propel your business exponentially, leaving competitors to dust.

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